PX-3, Gray Oak Patina,

Скачать фото дверей Doors in the interior

PX Series - Frame Profile Doors


Door panel height - 78.7 inches
Panel width - 23.6, 27.5, 31.5, 35.4 inches
Panel thickness - 1.5 inch Frame - 1.6x 3.2x 84.6 inches medium density fiber sandwich board,
telescopic, with draught strips
External molding (aflush) - 3.5 x 0.4 x 84.6 inches medium density fiber board, straight
Internal molding - 3.2 x 0.4x 84.6 inches, medium density fiber board, telescopic, straight


  • Framed panels
  • Internal filling - honeycomb panel
  • Aluminum edges, which frame the sides of the door, protect it from physical damage and make a stylish and modern design. One exception is PX-5, as in this model the aluminium edges frame the panel on all sides to protect the glass
  • All doors series have a factory-made notch for 2 hidden hinges and a door lock fixing arm/cylinder
  • Fittings: hidden hinges and door lock fixing arm/cylinder are supplied in separate order
  • Fittings color -brushed chrome
  • All doors of the series are universal, do not have prefabricated notches for a handle and/or lock pin.
  • The exception is model PX-3. This model comes with both 2 notches for the handle and the lock/key and with one of them
  • Telescopic installation system of frames, stops and trims
  • Hinges and striking plate holes are made in the frame.
  • Frame parts are universal as the angle of the frame jambs have no holes