Doors in the interior

GX Series - Glossy Profile Doors


Height of cloths - 1900, 2000 mm
Width of cloths - 550, 600, 700, 800, 900 mm
Canvas thickness - 44 mm
Box: 81 x 42 x 2150 mm, telescoptic sandwich, with compactor
Clypeus: 12 x 92 x 2150 mm, mdf, telescopic, straight
Transom - 2070 x (100,150) x 16 mm


  • Frame paintings
  • Internal Filling - Co-Panel
  • The presence of an aluminum edge, which frames the side walls of the doors, protects against mechanical damage and makes the door design stylish and modern. The exception is the model PX-5, in this model the aluminum edge frames the canvas from all sides to protect the glass
  • All doors of the series are factory-made for 2 hidden hinges and a lock for the lock / cylinder. Fittings: hidden hinges and lock / cylinder lock delivered separately
  • Hardware color - matt chrome
  • All doors in the series are universal, do not have any holes for the handle and / or retainer. The exception is the model - PX-3. This model comes with 2 holes cut (for the handle and for the lock / key)
  • The molded construction, specially created for this series, simplifies the installation of doors
  • The box has holes for the hinges and for the mounting plate