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You can purchase wholesale of any models of cloths in our representative offices.

Profilo Porte LTD
14550 Archwood St Ste B Van Nuys, CA 91405
Phones: +1-571-310-1030



Wholesale dealers of Profilo Porte shaped doors:

Chain of stores "Door-system", Astrakhan
LLC "Center-doors" Rostov-on-Don
TH "Max", Volgograd
TH Kursky Dvor, Kursk
TC "Wholesaler", Krasnodar
LLC "Korona", Khasavyurt
LLC StroySiti, Novosibirsk
Legionnaire, Krasnoyarsk, Abakan 

Professional equipment construction sites

Иркутская дверная компания

Irkutsk door company
Company "Irkutsk door company" Irkutsk

Kerama marazzi

Kerama marazzi
Kerama marazzi Krasnogorsk, ul. Blagoveshchenskaya, 4a.
Phone: +7 800 700-69-21
Work time: from 9-00 to 20-00


TC "Designer", pav. G 1.17
Address: Moscow, Moscow Ring Road, the 25th kilometer, ow. 4, p. 1 (Metro: Domodedovskaya)
Phone: +7 499 343-06-55, +7 925 041-45-94
Work time: 10:00 -21: 00

SP Sosyan G.S.
Address: Moscow Region, Ramenskoye g, Doninskoe Highway, house number 1, RTK "Raduga";
Phone: +7 925 468-04-06;
Working hours: from 9-00 to 18-00

SP Musaeva S.A.
Address: Reutov, Nikolsky market, line 1 pav. 12;
Phone: +7 926 198-73-37;
Working hours: from 9-00 to 18-00

Your square meter
Address: Kostroma. st. Galich, 108;
Phone: +7 494 249-35-46;
Hours: Mon — Sun 8: 00–21: 00.


LTD "StrojMir"
Address: Moscow Oblast, Lyubertsy. Metro: Kotel'niki, 25 km Novorjazanskogo highway, market "Strojmarket", pav.111G
Phone: +7 915 00-21-544, +7 925 500-94-29, +7 926 140-86-08; 
Working hours: 9.00 — 18.00.


Brand section

Our company offers to arrange a brand-section for efficient presentation and sale of interior doors from “Profilo Porte”.



  • up to 50% discounts for samples;
  • creation of a corporate identity of the sale point;
  • provision of catalogs and fly sheets to advise the customers;
  • increase of the customer confidence level and growth of sales.

To get more information, please contact us using the contact details on the website: +1571-310-1030


An elegant door of high quality is an essential element of the interior. Not all buyers can afford products made of solid wood which is very expensive. Shaped interior doors “Profilo Porte” are an excellent and affordable solution, with fine Italian design and long service life. They are in stable demand both among private and corporate customers. 

Our company offers doors from the manufacturer to the dealers at lucrative prices and in any volume. You get the products that will be definitely bought out. "Profilo Porte" ensures you the positive reputation, numerous satisfied customers, and high profit.

Multi-choice catalog of interior doors

Door factory “MariaM” offers to buy high-quality doors of “Profilo Porte” collection by wholesale, at the best prices in Russia. The product range includes doors of different styles:

  • modern — neat, ascetic, and clear geometry; these doors will be perfectly complement the modern interior;
  • classic - this category unites many models including the options with glass inserts; these doors are suitable for both home and office.

sample discounts up to 50 percent

provision of catalogs and handouts

increased confidence and increased sales

creation of corporate identity of the outlet


Regardless of the design, each door features a durable body, elegant fittings, and smooth surfaces. All models are resistant to harsh mechanical impacts. Each official door dealer receives a guarantee for the entire catalog.

Our interior doors will ensure your benefit

In organization of wholesale process, our company does its best to ensure that all our dealers of interior doors receive affordable goods of superior quality:

  • the factory has its own production facilities and resources for delivery of any necessary quantity of doors in time;
  • absence of intermediaries enables to  maintain the highest quality with the minimum prices;
  • a large variety of products allows to significantly expand the range;
  • high professional competence of our experts promotes prompt processing of orders and ensures competent advice on any related issues.

If you are interested in interior doors, you are welcome to become Profilo Porte's dealer to start of expand your business.