A new series of FX profile doors of the Profilo Porte brand

The new line of profile doors of the FX series includes the following models: FX-3, FX-6, FX-8, FX-10, FX-12, FX-13.

FX-3 series

FX-6 series

FX-8 series

FX-10 series

FX-12 series

FX-13 series

серия FX-3 серия FX-6 серия FX-8 серия FX-10 серия FX-12 серия FX-13


The FX series is presented in the following color scheme:

Ясень снежный

Snow ash

Ash ivory

Ясень кварцевый

Quartz ash

Ясень шоколад

Ash chocolate


Glasses are used on the FX series:

White lacobel

Black lacobel

Cream lacobel

Grey lacobel

Новая серия FX профильных дверей в интерьере

Distinctive features of the doors of the FX series are:

 Finish – NANO ASH VENEER. The coating is of the highest class with a strongly pronounced texture of natural wood. The coating has several protective layers and that allows the door to be resistant to moisture and household detergents. At the same time, the coating does not burn out;
 The frame of the canvas is a spliced pine bar, the internal filling is a honeycomb panel, the thickness of the canvases is 44 mm.;
 All models of the FX series are framed on all sides with an aluminum edge (which significantly increases wear resistance, and makes the design of the doors of the FX series stylish and modern) and are painted with a powder coating method in the color of the canvas;
 The canvases are slaughtered for locks and hinges;
 Accessories: hidden hinges and a lock for the lock/cylinder are supplied separately. The color of the accessories is matt chrome;
 The installation system of the box, doborov, platbands is telescopic. External trim (flush).

Options for profile doors-FX series!

Pub date: 2017.10.30