Create a brand section of profile doors in your store

Do you want to create a company store with the most effective line of interior doors of the PROFILOPORTE brand for trade, with a modern style and exhibition standards?

The requirements for the design of the PROFILOPORTE Brand section are minimal:


  • Design in a single style, taking into account the requirements of the brand (corporate identity, samples)
  • The boundaries of the brand section are clearly marked, convenient installation in your pavilion.


The design of a branded brand section in your store gives the following advantages:


  • Favorable price for samples, up to 50% discount%
  • The ability to create a single style of retail space with the help of branded friezes, signs, stoppers, price tags
  • The presentable appearance of the trading platform inspires confidence among buyers, and as a result contributes to an increase in sales
  • Provision of advertising materials for the sales consultant (distribution, catalogs)
  • Placement of addresses and contacts of your representative office on the website

Our factory of interior doors provides preferential conditions for the design of the PROFILOPORTE brand section

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Pub date: 2017.03.01