Каталог дверей

P-0 Invisible

Sizes: 2000x600, 2000x700, 2000x800, 2000x900

Hidden doors for minimalism in the interior

For those who want to hide the door in the interior and create the illusion of a solid wall, INVISIBLE series canvases are suitable.

P-0 Invisible, thanks to its coating does not limit you in the options for finishing the door:

  • Wallpapering
  • Finishing with decorative plaster
  • Painting with interior paint

The canvas itself has a factory finish coating with a film for painting. It also has a factory lock-in

Hinges Krona Koblenz K8000 - 2 pcs, pads for hinges 4 pcs , mounting kit SK-1 – are supplied complete with an INVISIBLE box and are included in the price of the box. The INVISIBLE box is made of anodized aluminum and MDF.

The lock is purchased separately:
Magnetic PROFILOPORTE lock under the lock with a counter bar
Magnetic PROFILOPORTE lock for cylinder with counter bar

Recommendations for installing the door:

  • Door painting works and their further operation are carried out in dry and ventilated rooms at a temperature of 15-25 ° C.
  • Installation of the door frame should be carried out before finishing the walls, then after finishing the walls after installing the door frame, you can install the door leaf, do not forget to adjust its position and gaps with hidden hinges.
  • If you have removed the door leaf after installation, store it in a horizontal position.
  • The surface of the canvas must be dust-free before painting or gluing. Painting is done with a roller or spray gun.
  • Aluminum edges must be sealed with masking tape before painting.

P-0 Invisible will fit perfectly into your interior, create the design you wish!

The type of assembly is a frame-panel fabric.
Internal filling – honeycomb panel, plywood.
The coating is a primed finish film.
All doors of the series have a factory cut for 2 hidden hinges and a lock for a lock/cylinder.
The edge is brushed aluminum on 2 sides.
Complete set with LACOBEL glasses

Set of hidden box PX AL-INVISIBLE with a seal, inset for 2 loops, comp. 2,5 pcs
Fake bar
Response bar
Mediana Polaris AGB Castle
AGB Eclipse 2.0 hinges - 2 pcs.
Plugs for loops - 4 pcs.
Mounting kit SK-1


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